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B.6  Displayed Paragraphs

Displayed-paragraph environments translate to block-level elements.

In addition to the environments described in this section, HEVEA implements the center, flushleft and flushright environments. HEVEA also implements the corespondant TEX style declaration \centering \raggedright and \raggedleft, but these declarations may not work as expected, when they do not appear directly inside a displayed-paragraph environment or inside an array element.

B.6.1  Quotation and Verse

The quote and quotation environments are the same thing: they translate to BLOCKQUOTE elements. The verse environment is not supported.

B.6.2  List-Making environments

The itemize, enumerate and description environments translate to the ul, ol, and DL elements and this is the whole story.

As a consequence, no control is allowed on the appearances of these environments. More precisely optional arguments to \item do not function properly inside itemize and enumerate. Moreover, item labels inside itemize or numbering style inside enumerate are browser dependent.

However, customized lists can be produced by using the the list environment (see next section).

B.6.3  The list and trivlist environments

The list environment translates to the DL element. Arguments to \begin{list} are handled as follows:


The first argument default_label is the label generated by an \item command with no argument. The second argument, decls is a sequence of declarations. In practice, the following declarations are relevant:

The counter counter is incremented by \refstepcounter by every \item command with no argument, before it does anything else.
The command \item executes \makelabel{label}, where label is the item label, to print its label. Thus, users can change label formatting by redefining \makelabel. The default definition of \makelabel simply echoes label.

As an example, a list with an user-defined counter can be defined as follows:


This yields:

First item.
Second item.

The trivlist environment is also supported. It is equivalent to the description environment.

B.6.4  Verbatim

The verbatim and verbatim* environments translate to the PRE element. Inside verbatim*, spaces are replaced by underscores (“_”).

Similarly, \verb and \verb* translate to the CODE text element.

The alltt environment is supported.

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