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General information

HEVEA is a quite complete and fast LATEX to HTML translator. HEVEA is written in Objective Caml.

HEVEA now outputs “modern” HTML (version 5).

The source distribution (see below) should compile on any Unix platform where Objective Caml version 3.12 or later is installed.


Some additional documentation on HEVEA internals and usage is available.


HEVEA on github.


Current version is 2.36. The distribution contains (HTTP access):

Binary ports

User mailing list

HEVEA users have their mailing list. Come and join us!


HEVEA can be considered free software by almost everybody. See the LICENSE file. The manual is released under the Free Document Dissemination Licence.

HEVEA licensing policy follows the one of Objective Caml. Basically, HEVEA is covered by the Q Public License, while parts of the OCaml runtime that are included in the distribution are covered by the GNU Library General Public License. Details are available in the Objective Caml distribution.

Contact address and bug reports: Luc.Maranget@inria.fr

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